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More than urethane. Embedded in every wheel are 30 years of creativity, friendship and not being core. When you rollerblade on these rollerblading wheels, you will want to yell, "I'm Rollerblading!". Our mission is to become bigger than Senate and have a full line of 10 wheels for all styles and visions of skating within the following year.

MB Faces 72mm ~ 87a

The MB Faces feature the most classic wheel size in rollerblading history, 72mm, which was popularized in the late 80s and early 90s by the legendary “do it all” Lightning TRS Skate. 72mm wheels have always inspired people to skate however they want while transcending stupid marketing categories and angry youth cults. This size became part of the MB toolkit when the groundbreaking Classic Oysi Frames were released in 2016. Now a size that inspires us to skate (however we goddamn want to) on the Lightning TRS, Roces 1992 and Aeon 72 (they also work great on the Wizard PR76). Faces come in the same trustworthy 87a urethane that made the MB Scribbles playful and comfy.

MB Tapes 65mm ~ 90a

The MB Tapes feature an underrated 65mm "Goldilocks" wheel size that's not too big, not too small and absolutely not core. As a result of sharing the same profile and hardness, they pair perfectly with MB Toes on the Medium Oysi frame. On this setup, you'll experience a stable ride with a touch of rocker, 98% grind posture insurance, and fast, long-lasting 90a urethane. We also recommend skating MB Tapes on the Pottier FLAT frames, and if you want to get crazy, you can even skate them anti-rocker. Classic grind poses will happen, solid landings will be stomped, and positive movement emotions will be felt on these wheels.

MB Scribbles 80mm ~ 87a

The MB Scribbles are the classic “big wheel” size traditionally used for freestyle, slalom, and freeride skating. This wheel became MB canon during the filming of BIG WHEELS and BIG WHEELS 2, where our first experiments of mixing slalom, aggressive, and big wheel skating began. The 87a hardness is a perfect mix of comfy cruising, grippy turning, and fun sliding. 80mm wheels can be used on various boots and frames including futuristic skate tools like the PR80 Wizard Frame (an incredible flat ground tool) and the Aeon 80 Skate (an aggressive/big wheel hybrid skate like no other). These are your shortcut to fun without being tied down to any specific skating category. So pop them in and scribble with your feet.

MB Buddies 58mm ~ 90a

The MB Buddies are directly inspired by the "face profile" used heavily in Better Than Baseball, MB1, MB2, MB3 and MB4. Great profile for maneuverability, minimal wheel bite on pose slides and our preferred wheel of choice for small wheel flat setups. We chose a 90a hardness so the wheel could be used for flat or anti. A classic profile and a size that carries on the highly creative tradition that Tom Hyser brought to K2 in the 90s.

MB Toes 60mm ~ 90a

The MB Toes have become the standard wheel in our toolkit for anti rocker outers, flat 60 for park riding and inner wheels for Oysi frames. A versatile size and profile; can also be mixed with the 58/90 Buddies for a "Wacky Mode" inspired rocker. A 60/90 hardness will please many styles and (core and not core) riders. This size and hardness have become widely used over the decade, but beware, 60mm wheels are considered "big wheels" to some core riders. You might want to use smaller wheels if you're looking to gain more core points. Also, if you're going to skate flat 60, you better be dialled in.

MB Pants 90mm ~ 87a

The 90/87 Pants are a wheel size used for a unique mix of slalom, speed, aggressive and freeskating. This size became MB canon when the very first NR90 Wizard Frame was created in 2014. Leon Basin’s BIG WHEELS 2 section dropped and completely changed what big wheel skating could be (if you know you know.) Used heavily in the Wizard Frame Testing series, ZONE, MB7 and MB8. These wheels are playful, fun, definitely not core (unless you’re skating them on Sola frames) and a 87a hardness for comfortable street riding and sliding. This is basically Todd’s pro wheel because he’s like... really really good on them. * Available at the original 90a hardness while supplies last.

MB Mugs100mm ~ 90a

The MB Mugs are meant for being fast, capable and stable while still dropping some hot moves. Originally thought to be a size for speed or distance skaters. The creation of the NR100 Wizard Frame by Leon Basin in late 2014, once again, changed what big wheel skating could be. Used heavily in the Wizard Frame Testing series, ZONE, MB7 and MB8. These wheels are a powerful tool in a long-lasting 90a hardness for speedy flat ground skating, park skating and lengthy slides. This size was the first MB "pro" product and the first "pro" 100mm wheel in rollerblading history. 100mm wheels are absolutely not core and not certified by the Real Skaters Association of the World. We won't be mad if you skate these on tri-skates, but just don't start yelling "death to the 4th wheel."

Our Mission Statement Become bigger
than Senate.