OK Buddy Fuck Whatever

I cut Mason’s arm because he poured dill pickle popcorn seasoning in my eye. We were going through this little phase where every time we would drink, we would cut each other. Nothing too crazy. Just little cuts. Like we would carve SOL into each other’s arms and stupid stuff like that. The mistake I made on this fateful night was using a serrated knife. I only meant to give Mason a cut a little bit bigger than a scratch, but after dragging the serrated edge across his arm with too much pressure, his arm opened up like a vagina. It was F$*%ing scary to say the least. Immediately after it happens you should hit pause to see my jaw drop. The blood started gushing instantly. It was sick, not the good kind. So StevieE and I rushed him to the hospital. As soon as the nurses heard “knife”, they were on the phone with the police. If I remember correctly, the cops just never showed up (phewf). Mason told me that a nurse scrubbed his would really hard to get anything out of it, which hurt like crazy. After she did it, blood actually squirted out of his arm like a little fountain.