How to be Unpopular

10 years ago there were some VHS tapes with 'How To Be Unpopular' scrawled on them sent out to people in Canada and the USA: Awkwardness, forced cool, teenagers, bad boys, Mason and I jocking Jon Elliot, Brain Fear Gone influence, lacking identity, cheap imitations, insecurity, sliding things and jumping things, Dayna still being the best, Mason working really hard on his section, Todd jocking Josh Petty, weddings, parents still scratching their heads, pointless effects, 'good skating'... etc. This is 'How To Be Unpopular'. The first in the trilogy of 'Ok Buddy...' and 'Cirque Duh SOL EH?'. Special thanks to StevieE. This video wouldn't be what it was without him. Running time with secret section: 44mins. To our parents... We're sorry for the naughty bits. Boys will be boys?