Better Than Baseball

Having witnessed part of the creation of the "Better Than Baseball", one could say I would be partial to praising and promoting this film. This is true to a point. Joey is my brother. Most of these people are my friends. Some of those memories are just as much mine as Joey's or Todd's. However, the effort and thought which went into this piece of art must be recognized....regardless of who I am. It is art. It is beautiful. It is a celebration of youth, life, and the human spirit. There are certain themes that are constant throughout "Better Than Baseball". As "new agey" as it sounds, one of the main aspects of this film is the inner child. So often as we leave our teens, we try to fight our child-like behaviors. There is a right and a wrong way to embrace our youthful personality traits. "Better than Baseball" perfectly encompasses the maturity of a group who is dedicated and passionate about rollerblading, with the playfulness we so often abandon as adults. I would use "Monty Python" as a perfect example, and most definitely say is an influence amongst the creators.