Under Canadian Skies

This is our first "official" video "Under Canadian Skies". It was filmed while we were in grade 10 and still innocent. Under Canadian Skies was also our first video to be created on a Mac computer (BIG production values for 1998.) To this day it's my dads favorite and I have no idea why... but that definitely counts for something. Older rollerbladers will realize this video is heavily influenced by Joe Navran's "F.O.R." which was THE video at the time. From the Dave Matthews Band intro song(hey it isn't THAT bad) to the way the "personality" shots are cut... There's nothing too original going on here (but hopefully it makes you smile)... You can see glimpses of my fascination with the Kamloops landscapes/sunshine and some decent filming for young teenagers. Like Allusion, this video is straight skating with a hint of personality (and thankfully there's skate sounds!).