Rollerblading is Exciting Again
By Joey McGarry

It feels like 2010 is some magical year where I have nothing but good things to say about the state of rollerblading.

- Jon Bolino, Montre and Joey Chase (and NIMH being their sponsor.) The footage of Jon and Montre in South America is like watching an old school video but with WAY better skating. They're pretty much superhuman. Joey Chase's section in Wake Up! is fantastic too. Montre could easily have his own TV show.

- Haffey on Nitro Circus. Not much to add about that. It's Haffey stomping huge things in front of a crowd of 15,000 that easily have a misconception about rollerblading before watching the X-Treme show.

- Frankie Morales aka Yuck Yuckem. He's skating better than ever in those Remz tour edits and his new song "made it" is so catchy. Sounds like it could be a hit on the radio... Yes I think it's awesome that he's skating and rapping.

- Pro Comebacks: Feinberg, Latimer, The Bulldog, Zamora etc..

- Comebacks in Canada: Mike Lukewich wins the Brampton comp? Fuckin' sweet. Niki Adams making edits at the new Taz? Is Billy Vo Next? Sterling comeback too... Who else?

- Going to the skatepark in Kamloops the other day and seeing 7 kids I've never seen before with new skates (USD hooi's, Demetrious thrones etc...) and thinking about how amazing the internet is for kids discovering rollerblading.

- Mathieu Ledoux.

- Imagine Blade Shun and Randy's edits AKA the most exciting stuff for me is coming out of Canada... Biased? It's hard not to be. But seriously the most exciting stuff is coming out of Canada.

- Pretty much 80% of old school videos are archived from VHS death and available at any time online to view... That's incredible.

- Shop-task and Blog-task AKA Leon's vision for Canada... He's skating better than ever too.

- Sites like stabyourselfintheface and scumpire popping up. Distinct visions for skating having their own online hub that aren't attached to a larger media outlet like Be-Mag and ONE (although they are still important to have in bookstores!).

- Chris Farmer... All of his new skating he's going mach 10 and still coming up with amazingly creative stuff... I voted for him for skater of the year because he continually amazes me in every piece of video I see.

- All of those Negrete Xsjado edits.

- Richie Eisler getting a pro skate. That's pretty fuckin' sweet. His skating getting better with age as well.

- That Kevin Yee section from earlier on in the year.

- Quintin Lamb

- Companies starting to make little changes to skates that make a big difference (Remz, Xsjado, Nimh, RB (yes I think they would skate good) etc...)

- Create Originals. Haven't skated them but I love that they're skater owned and their team makes me think I'll be better at skating if I get the frames ha ha.

- Parts, skates and clothes being available in different colors. I'm still very plain in my part choices but I remember when the front page of an skate shop site had three colors of things for skates and clothes... Black, white and Grey. Thanks Mindgame. I also remember simply not being able to get replacement souls for Xsjados or M12's.

- The average age of the first generation of Canada bladers is around 26 or so... That's pretty badass.

- More older bladers still killing it that never quit. Dude's that are pushing 40 and skating like they're 14.

- Jon Julio. Although I've never skated Valo. His team and marketing are A+.

- Alex Broskow's section in On Top.

- Jeff Stockwell skating bowls... A-mazing

- Shred Til You're Dead. Free online video of some of the best bladers in the world with really shiny video production. Haffey's 900 at the end.

- Footagetape... Amazing example of older bladers creating something that's been missing in skating for a long time, not getting paid a dime for it... Creating it anyway because they're passionate about it.

- All of those INRI edits that pop up from time to time.

- I want to say Truth 2 but I'll say a lot of the skating that was in Truth 2 instead. That video was a flop for me... Awesome skating though. Bolino's section is my favorite. Forward 720's over stairs are rad.

- Haffey's picnic table 360 gap in drip drop over the fence and a road into a big bank on street. My Jaw drops every time.

- Big Euro comps where there's huge crowds of people watching crazy skating.

- Brian Aragon. I used to think he was boring now he's more diverse, solid and distinctly Aragon.

- CJ Wellsmore... POWERHOUSE

- Chris Haffey being really good at skiing after trying it for a day or two... I still think the rollerblading/skiing crossover could become a big deal. Possibly... Skiing is soooo fun.

- Rob G and his healthy, yoga-spiritual blading making me feel like I need to exercise more, stretch more and eat healthier... He's really fucking good too.

- All of my blade friends from Canada being my favorite skaters.

- Demetrious George and Iain Mcleod being sooooo fucking good at grinds but making grinding look completely different from style to style.

- How rolleblading styles have gone in all different directions now that rollerblading is out of it's teens and into it's early 20's. People are taking their own path instead of following one path... Most rollerbladers in their mid 20's can shred a bowl pretty hard too.

- Kids asking where they can get skates more often and being fucking mesmerized by handplant tricks...


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