Dustin Latimer Interview
By Joey McGarry

Who are you?

I am this person sitting right here. I am an infinite amount of words floating around the me to describe, I am just as you but called another. I am who? I am me, but cannot define that which I am for I am only given to be the me by the great Me that I be that I would try to define... so best answered, I am...

Why do you still use rollerblades?

Because they go on your feet and make one able to roll around and have fun...

Do you call them rollerblades or something different?

Blades, boots, skates, or whatever comes to mind at that time.

It took me a few years before I could wrap my head around your second WORDS section... Where did some of those movement ideas come from?

Just where I was in life. Different possibilities and creations manifested and adapted to what apparatus lied near. Rollerblading is free moving unlike fixed postures like skateboarding, biking, etccccc... so just exploring the freedom and trying to give awareness to others to possibilities that lie outside of the preconceptions...

Do you practice yoga and/or meditation? Or do you not and I just assume you do?

Yes, as all do in their own way, for without unification with the entirety of self, separations delusional insanity lures. How can one be other than that which they are? Yoga/ Meditation, religion are but pathways and means of really seeing and being the being I/you/we are.

How long have you been doing it and how did you get into it?

I got into basic hatha Yoga by the showings of Shane Coburn in the early Mindgame days and since have followed and found my own path of unification...

If applicable... What style of yoga do you enjoy?

I simply practice Yoga, Chitta vrtti nirodaha...the cessation of the fluctuation of mind stuff...Tada drasdu svarupe vasthanam...then the seer rests in his/ her true nature.

My means are...

I am very Bhakti (devotion, Heart, Love), very raja for I use much meditation/ pranayama by techniques of kriyas for direct experience of This which gives experience to be had. I also study a much, jnana, all the while keeping the body loose (Hatha) and happy to allow the energies to be directed to higher areas of This :D

If applicable... Has yoga helped with injuries?

Yoga made my wrists work again. It's amazing the power of directing the mind toward one thing, healing and a many other things.

Do you call them rollerblades or something different?

Blades, boots, skates, or whatever comes to mind at that time.

Did skating affect your postures?

Postures were always just a means of getting the body free and happy so the mind doesn't get too many calls from the sense telephones upon delving deep into Self. Sure, having a broke wrist makes it difficult to down dog, but then I would just utilize easy pose more for pranayama.

What are you skating now and why?

Mainly just park and nice n flowy stuff, cus it's just that nice and flowy, not to mention the abundance of parks these days :D

What design changes would you have made on the Xsjado skate had you continued on with that project?

We had many more versions awaiting to come out, but unfortunately our running of Xsjado was short lived. Many different base plates shapes and styles were going to be implemented in due time.

How do you feel about that technology today?

Did they change the technology?

Your mind-body connection seems to be on another level... As you get older are there days where it's harder to get into that flow state? How do you get there on bad days?

One can only start from where they are. We all know what is possible and what we could do, but if we aren't all there, then injury occurs. I simply go slow, don't expect, find the love, feel the love and joy for what I am doing, and then the flow is there.

Some of my favorite skating of yours was in 'Quality'. Talk a bit about this era.

Quality was the first video I finally got to skate Xsjado's out in the limelight fully and happily after having created them and keeping a secret for years. I was enjoying what I was doing. Making a video, Rolling, Having a new family, all bundled I guess.

What's been inspiring you lately?

God, True livers of God, Life itself, Love, Compassion, Truth, My Son Life...Helping others to look within...

What is it about the desert that's so connected to the human psyche?

Uhhhhh, we've got saguaros. It's a very quiet and tranquil place free of a many distractions which allows one to be aware of other things...Then again, it ain't the place but the person...

Why is attaching wheels to your feet such a polarizing activity?

It combines so many separate aspects and brings em together in the moment of happening...no longer seen as separate, but all balanced in the moment of the joyous mind of the one acting.

What's the most rewarding part about being a father

Love :D Unbounded compassion. Facing the ego head on...

How important is technology progression to the progression of a sport/activity?

Not at all important to the progression of the sport/ activity, just mainly to the industry. All has come so far, fast wheels, grinding surfaces, etc, that progression is up to the one atop the blades...

How do you feel about current skate technology?

Has it changed at all?

Do you connect with anything in rollerblading nowadays?

Rollerblading itself

You're walking up to a skate park. What are some emotions that pop up?

Yee haw, the thought to remind myself to properly get acquainted with myself before pushing myself. Who's there to play with. What fun stuff to do today? Where should I start? Guess those aren't really emotions, just thoughts. Happy, excite

All this 2012 talk and consciousness shift talk... What are your thoughts?

We shall see, or be such. If it is such, may it open hearts and shine the light of truth into the maya infested society that has consumed the lives of these beautiful beings.

Your handslide 360 at the end of WORDS is probably one of the more futuristic movements ever done on skates... What's some stuff that you've thought of that hasn't been explored yet?

Hmmmm, much has been explored. Exploring the aspects of embracing, creating, expanding, all the while refining, heightening, and perfecting. We are not limited on rollerblades, so why do we limit ourselves?

How do you feel about shamanism and psychedelics?

A beautiful path for one who walks upon it. Intention is everything, so if psychedelics are used to heighten, escape, change, enhance, experience, where and what do you intend to do with it...?

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