Best of Blade 2015
Longest Skate Name
Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro Triblades
Best Death Threat
Victor Arias
Best Dead Skate Company
Salomon (3 years in a row!)
Best Use of ALL CAPS on Facebook
Trick of the Year

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Most positive blade influencer/ Blader you want to show your friends
Randy Liedtke
Best Article - Are Rollerblades Back?
Best Pant Comeback
Army Pants

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Best Ebay Sale Pic
Arlo Eisenberg
Direct Link
Best Rollerblading Meme
Most Innovative New Way to put on Skates
Reverse Sports
Best Skate Company Death
Most Vandalized Skate Shop
Best YouTube Channel Intro
Ryan Jaunzemis
Quote of the Year
Joe Garry
Jon Elliot Product Facepalm Award
Ground Control Freeskate Frame
Best Photo

Sorry we are real. Extract of Justin Guthrie @stoooops published in #Desillusion Volume 2 available on

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Fall of the Year
Dustin Werbeski

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Best Blader Appearance in a Hip Hop Video
Paul John in Kokayne
Best Blader Themed Video to Win a Mountain Bike Film Festival
The Sickest Edit Ever
Best Facebook Page
The Same Photo of Chris Farmer Everyday
Most Controversial Old Instagram Post by a Large Corporation that made a lot of #bladers Mad
Old Spice

Popping wheelies on rollerblades is also called "stopping." This is why rollerblades are stupid.

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Best Outfit
Paul John
The "People will watch this it if it's in ice skates and hockey gear... but nobody would watch if it's rollerblading" Award
Red Bull Crashed Ice
Line of the Year

#Repost @mirkohanssen.handskating ・・・ This time Skatepark overhead ;-P Thanks to the Skater who recorded me, who was very stunned, cause I didn't tell in which way I skate :-D #handstands#riderschannel #handskating #extreme #crazysport #acrobatics #gym#shrickapp #skate #stunt#inline#liverideapp #inlineskates #handbalancing #adrenalinejunkie#blading#skatepark

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Best Fakie Line

#Repost @mike_mason81 ・・・ @beaubam612 gettin his pre show warm up on 😂😂😂😂 tag a friend who thinks they can rollerblade but has no clue how to actually rollerblade 😭😭😭😭

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Best Rail Transfer

#Repost @sam_crafty ・・・ @dima_makrushin killing it at the final spot today!

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Best Spine Transfer
Alex Broskow

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Most Shared Rollerblading Meme
Same People
Most Delayed Video
Product of the Year
The Fucking Uno
Best Demo Performance

#Repost @failfarm ・・・ #Student parents #career day 😂 #failfarm @lunchtablestories

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Most Controversial Article
VICE - Who the Fuck is Rollerblading in 2015?
Best Contest
Pop Camp
Performance of the Year
Danny Beer as Chad Johnson
Edit of the Year
Danny Beer - Dino 3 (The Movie)
Best Rollerblading Music Video
Alex Calder
Best Sign
Best Grind
Best Monologue
Ghostface Killah
Best Video Announcement
X Games

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Best Facebook Comment
Best Rollerblading Quote on a Lulu Lemon Bag
Best Television Appearance
Best YouTube Find
Video(s) of the Year
Blader(s) of the Year
Joey McGarry & Todd McInerney

Frank Stoner
Joey McGarry


Robbie Pitts
Joey McGarry
Todd McInerney


Joey McGarry


Joey McGarry


Arlo Eisenberg
Joey McGarry
Todd McInerney


Kevin Dowling
Joey McGarry
Todd McInerney


Leon Basin
Todd McInerney


Ben Magaziner
Todd McInerney


Shaun Unwin
Todd McInerney


Joey McGarry