Best of Blade 2014
Best Uniforms
Blading Cup
Most Terrified Face
Dustin Halleren 18Plus
Best Dead Skate Company
Salomon (two years in a row!)
Best Dead Wheel Company
Best Product Delay
Create Originals
Most Controversial Edit(s)
Nick Labarre dirt box/The Pull/$$ // KCMO // $$
Biggest Skateboard Influence
Bronze Solo Jazz
The "Westboro Baptist Church" Award
Best Powerblade Frame
GC Bigs
Best Instagram Post

With all the hate blading has gotten lately, I decided to make a response video that finally proves how fucking awesome we are to all the haters. There's only so much a man can take before he snaps so I put together 15 seconds of the best tricks ever done in rollerblading history. It's about damn time we start fighting back! #irollny #rollerblading #rolling #blading #skating #inlineskating #aggressiveinline #freestylerolling #bladergram #plasticpassion #instablading #instabladers #bladelife #bladeordie

A video posted by I Roll NY (@irollny) on

Best Vine
Jordan Burt
Best Instagram Comment
Mike Torres
Best Comedy Video
Dave Lang tied with "Gosling Fanboy"
Best Wheels Under Feet Public Appearance
The Ringbearer Guy
Edit of the year
Dima tied with Air Dolphin
Best Trick
Julian Bah (@2:56)
Most Extreme Grind
This Guy
Best Pudslide
Tony Hawk (@1:41 -1:51)
Best Unreleased Old School Edit
Guy skating Berlin 1933
Best Park Edit
Dominic Bruce (he was 3 years old when Brain Fear Gone came out)
Best Ski Section That Felt Like Watching a New Latimer Section
Phil Casabon
Best Blading News Appearance
"Dude Chilling Park" blader guy
Best Rollerblading Dance Performed in a Group
Best Rollerblading Indie Music Video Appearances
The "Rollerblading is More Acceptable to a Wider Audience When Related to Hockey" Award
Redbull and GoPro
Most Shared Blader On the Internet
The Roller Cycle Guy
Nation of the year
The UK
VOD of the Year
18plus tied with Tim Hortons
Blader of the Year

Frank Stoner
Joey McGarry


Robbie Pitts
Joey McGarry
Todd McInerney


Joey McGarry


Joey McGarry


Arlo Eisenberg
Joey McGarry
Todd McInerney


Kevin Dowling
Joey McGarry
Todd McInerney


Leon Basin
Todd McInerney


Ben Magaziner
Todd McInerney


Shaun Unwin
Todd McInerney


Joey McGarry